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Sad Quotes: Hi friends, it's time we are coming back with new quotes, this Quotes name is Sad Quotes. If you decide to go on this page, then, most of all, you now have a bad mood. Here are meaningful Best Sad Quotes, which people often use to somehow to survive their sadness and grief, which they have in the heart and soul. Sadness is an emotional state that everybody experiences at the very least once in their lifetimes. Because life has its own phases and moments when it'll make you downhearted or even depressed.

Friends sadness can make you be so negative that you'll concentrate only on the negative side of things around you. If you want more Sad Quotes to follow us.


Tears come from the heart and not from the brain.

People keep telling me that life goes on, but to me, that's the saddest part.

Part of me aches at the thought of her being so close yet so untouchable.

The person who tries to keep everyone happy often ends up feeling the loneliest.

All want to do right now is cry and scream and let it all out because it's killing me inside.

Things change, and friends leave, life doesn't stop for anybody.

The worst kind of sad is not being able to explain why.

Maybe I was born to be sad.

Don't trust anyone too much because everyone changes when they meet new people.

Suicide doesn't kill people, sadness kill them.

I'M not okay but I smile anyway.
The word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.

Never lose yourself while trying to hold on to someone who doesn't care about losing you.

It's sad but It's my life

Yes, I've changed. Pain does that to people.

You still make me smile. Even if you are the main reason why I'm sad

You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.

tears are words that need to be written.

You keep a lot to yourself because It's difficult to find people who understand

Even though we don't talk anymore, I will never forget our memories.

I'M proud of my heart. It's been played, stabbed, cheated, burned and broken, but some how still works.

We are like dominoes; I fall for you, you fall for another.

I planned to say all these terrible things to you, but in the end, I just want to tell you, I miss you.

Words hurt more than anything else can, because of they last, sometimes.

Don't give up because of one bad chapter in your life. Keep going your story doesn't end here.

I'm tired of fighting. For once I want to be fought for.

I'm falling apart and nobody knows, I have nobody to talk to and I'm alone.

My stomach drops when I think of anyone else having you.

It's sad when you realize you aren't as important to someone as you thought you were.

I am a good enough person to forgive you. But not stupid enough to trust you again.

 One of the hardest parts of life is deciding whether to walk away or try harder.

I hate it when crying is the only way to feel better.

I don't hate you. I just lost respect for you.
Don't judge someone unless you've heard their story.

You stopped varing. So I stopped trying.

I wish I could see you tomorrow even just for a second.

I felt so much, that I started to feel nothing.

I hide my pain with a smile 

Never make someone a priority, When all you are to them is an opinion.

Love someone who doesn't love you back you'll die everyday.

Love is like magic, but magic is just an illusion.

Have you ever seen so bad that it phusically hurts inside?

I wanted to text you. But I remembered we don't talk anymore.

I am feeling so lonely and depressed, and even more, I can't explain my feelings.

Don't put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket.

Let go of the thoughts that don't make you strong.

I just have this happy personality and a sad soul in one body. It feels weird sometimes.

Sensitive people love too much, give too much, but they have the kindest hearts.

I don't want to hurt you so i hurt myself by loving you.

When you cry so much, It makes you realize that breathing is hard.

I just need someone to hug me and tell me I'm not as worthless as I think I am.

Sleep just isn't sleep anymore, It's an escape.

I wish I was enough for someone.
It sucks doesn't it? feeling like you're not good enough.

Tears are words that need to be written.

Do not play with someone's feelings just because you're unsure of your own.

Sometimes the right path is not the estate one.

But they all didn't see the little bit of sadness in me.

Maybe I'm just too fucking complicated for anyone to love.

Sad things happen. They do. But we don't need to live sad forever.

I love crying in the rain. Because when I do, no one can hear the pain.

Sadness is the deadliest poison that kills you slowly in misery.

Seeing you loving someone else is the hardest thing.
 We mature with the damage, not with the years.
I just need that one person who will stand by me no matter what.

Physically I am here. Mentally I am far, far away...

Never trust those people who don't understand your feelings.

Tears are words too painful for a broken heart to speak.

The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.

I cried because I had no shoes, then I met a who had no feet.

Kill me before I kill my self.

Life goes on with or without you
I'm not afraid to fall in love. I'm afraid to fall for the wrong person again.

You only live once but if you do it right once is enough.

I'm always the one who loves more. That's my problem.

Do not lose hope, nor be sad.

Friendship often ends in love. But love in friendship: Never.

I have nothing to say you but it does not mean I can not hear you.

I feel like I m waiting for something that isn't going to happen.

You look happy. But you don't feel happy. That's what depression does to you.

I feel like everybody secretly hates me.

A sad soul can kill quicker than a germ.

Sadness is almost never anything but a form of fatigue.

Life hurts a lot more than death.
You can never love people as much as you can miss them.

It hurts and you don't know it. Life is often cruel.

I see the beauty in everything but me.

People always leave don't get too attached.

Don't cry because its over smile because it happened.

I'm just sad and disappointed.

Let's sit on a rooftop at 2am and talk about life.

The worst kind of pain is when your heart cry and your eyes are dry.

Never long for anyone from the past, there is a reason why they never made it your future.

Sick of crying tired of trying, yes I'm smiling but inside I'm dying.

I still love you but you don't care.

War is very sad and small life is pathetically fragile at the time.

I literally have no motivation to save myself anymore. 

I'm not a sad person, Upset the whole time, but I seem to be Quite emotional.

 Deep inside where nothing's fine I've lost my mind.

When I think of you I become either very happy or very angry.

I have a hopeless crush on someone I have no chance with. 

I am in love with your smile, your voice, your laugh, your body, your eyes, but most of all, I am in love with you.

There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.

Everybody has an addiction, mine just happens to be you.

Life is short. Kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly. 

One of the most difficult tasks in life is removing someone from your heart.

I've never had a moment's doubt. I love you. I believe in you completely. You are my  dearest one. My reason for life. 

When my eyes meet yours I get this overwhelming emotion I can't put into words.

Give the gift of your absence to those who do not appreciate your presence. 

Life is like a beautiful struggle 

In a broken nest there are few whole eggs.

Life is full of problem. Problem is not permanent but kife is permanent.

There are hidden blessings in every struggle.

Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise. 

Because every breath I take proves that I can live without you.

Sometimes we cry not because we're weak, but because we are have been strong for too long.

I'm not a bad person, situation makes me bad.


Saying I'm tired when you are actually sad.

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Among all the Quotes about love, for some reason, sad love quotes are the most popular. All the people in love are very attracted to the phrases, imbued with sadness. As a rule, sad phrases are much more expressive than positive cheerful quotes. If you want more Sad Quotes to follow us.

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